Oleander Tote
Oleander Tote
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Oleander Tote

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It's possible we're biased, but this might just be the best re-usable bag you'll ever own. It has the entire staff's seal of approval, having been tested on the TTC, thrown in the back of vehicles, folded into purses and beyond.

Its rope handles are sturdy enough to hold the heaviest loads but soft enough for a comfortable grip no matter the distance being traveled. The body of the bag is made of a natural burlap fabric and has an easy-clean coating on the inside. 

Get one for yourself to have on hand or use it as a gift bag and fill it with goodies from the gift shop!

Let the world know that you love Oleander and that Oleander loves you <3 

Orders must be placed by 11am EST for same day delivery outside of Etobicoke.