Holiday Planter Care Instructions

This planter may include the following:
Lemon Cypress or Alberta Spruce
Frosty Fern or Silver Bush
Poinsettia or Cyclamen
Light - All the plants included are going to want a space that receives bright light.
Water - The lemon cypress and frosty fern require a bit more water than the poinsettia, so when you water, focus it toward those two plants and let the excess run and absorb over to the poinsettia. If you find the leaves on the poinsettia are curling or going crisp, give it its own drink. If the frosty fern starts to droop, it’s telling you it’s thirsty, so give it a good drink. The cypress isn’t so forgiving, but as long as you’re not letting the soil dry completely, you’ll be A-Ok.
Remember, this is generally just a seasonal plant and not intended to go the distance like some houseplants. If January first comes along and everything is looking shipshape, amazing! You can keep the planter as is, or transplant the plants into their own individual containers to continue growing.  
*Just like people, each plant is a unique living thing and may have varying needs, especially in their individual locations. These are basic guidelines that may have to be augmented slightly depending on the environment you place your plant in, as well as frequency and amount of water given.

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