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Shamrock Plants

If you are decorating for St. Patrick's Day, you will want to include a potted shamrock plant. Shamrock plants (Oxalis regnellii) generally reach no more that 6 inches and are available in a range of greens and purples shades.  Their delicate flowers bloom on and off throughout the year and their leaves fold up at night and reopen when light returns. The whimsical shamrock plant adds a touch of spring and is often thought to bring good luck! Caring for a shamrock plant is simple when you understand their periods of dormancy.  Summer is the shamrocks season of dormancy with their leaves dying back and needing a time of darkness to rest. SHAMROCK PLANT CARE TIPS Place the plant in...

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How Well Do You Know Your Provincial Flowers?

Saskatchewan - Western Red Lily Saskatchewan made the Western Red Lily its flower of choice in 1941. Typically found in meadows, forests and other damp, wooded areas, it has become a rare sight in the province due to urban sprawl and forest fires. Researchers are working to increase the germination of this protected species. Northwest Territories - Mountain Avens Mountain Avens have represented the N.W.T. since 1957. The bloom flourishes on rocky ground that is commonly found across the territory, and the species is related to Alberta's provincial flower, the Wild Rose. Nunavut - Purple SaxifrageWe thought we’d take this opportunity to educate ourselves here in the store and share what we learnt about some of Canada’s native plant life. ...

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Caring for Your Cacti and Succulents

Popular in the 1970s, terrariums slowly faded into the background for a while. Now, however, they are back in full force, and for space-starved folk who want a low-maintenance option, cacti and/or succulents are the perfect plant for the job! Not native species of Canada, cacti and succulents can sometimes cause confusion when figuring out how best to care for them. Generally speaking though, most cacti and succulents are hardy plants that require minimum care. Read on for our top tips on getting the best out of your little gems: When it comes to caring for your succulents and cacti, there are three main factors that affect survival rate: water, light and temperature. Succulents and cacti become unhappy if they...

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The Cyclamen - Not Just a Pretty Face!

  A member of the primrose family, the pretty cyclamen grows around the Mediterranean and is a winter-flowering plant. With delicate silvery-green markings on their heart-shaped leaves, and butterfly-like upswept petals, this unique and beautiful flower adds colour and splendor to the colder months.  The name ‘cyclamen’ is derived from the Greek ‘kuklos’, meaning ‘circle’, probably due to the round tuber from which the leaves, flowers and roots grow. In most species, leaves come up in the fall, grow through the winter, and then die in spring. The plant then becomes dormant through the hot summer and then the cycle begins again. Cyclamens prefer cooler conditions but are not frost-hardy. Water only when the soil just below the surface is...

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Hydrangea - Is It a Love/Hate Thang?

Hydrangeas are one of the most popular cut flowers that we design with in the shop, and there’s nothing like a mass of them to create a dramatic effect. However, they do sometimes get a bad rep’.  Well known for their fluffy marshmallow-like appearance and striking look when arranged en masse, hydrangea’s large and beautiful blooms can sometimes elicit a love/hate response from customers. It seems people are either in one camp or the other. On the one hand, hydrangea reminds us of a stunning country garden and has a classically elegant look. On the other, however, they are known for having a darker side. If you’ve ever experienced the hydrangea shrivel, you’ll know what we mean! They can be...

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