Alberta Spruce Care Instructions

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Light - Alberta Spruce likes their sunshine, so find them a spot where they’re going to get some direct exposure, or as bright as possible. 
Water - These wanna-be Christmas trees can be quite water sensitive, in that you don’t want to let them go dry. If the plant is potted right into the container it will hold onto the moisture longer, whereas if it's in its plastic nursery pot inside a decorative container, you may have to water more frequently. If it’s potted in directly, water thoroughly and let the plant be until the soil approaches dryness to avoid it sitting in water. If it’s in its plastic nursery pot, remove it from the decorative container and fully saturate the soil by running it under the tap. Allow the excess water to drain before replacing it back in its decorative container. 
These plants are generally intended for seasonal use, so if it doesn't make it past New Years, don’t feel bad. If it’s still doing well after the holidays, keep up the great work! When springtime comes and the ground has thawed, this tree can be planted directly into the ground outside to grow.
*Just like people, each plant is a unique living thing and may have varying needs, especially in their individual locations. These are basic guidelines that may have to be augmented slightly depending on the environment you place your plant in, as well as frequency and amount of water given. 

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