Calla Lily Care Instructions

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Light - Find a space that receives bright, indirect light for your calla lily.
Water - Callas don’t mind moisture so water when soil approaches dryness, keeping them well watered but not soggy.
Calla lily plants as indoor plants are seasonal and will go through a period of dormancy where all the blooms and foliage will die off, similar to amaryllis or spring bulbs. The bulb will need to be removed from the soil and left in a cool dry space where it can be repotted before their growing season, in the early summer. While it’s blooming, calla lilies benefit from liquid fertilizer.
*Just like people, each plant is a unique living thing and may have varying needs, especially in their individual locations. These are basic guidelines that may have to be augmented slightly depending on the environment you place your plant in, as well as frequency and amount of water given.

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