Winterberry/ Ardisia Care Instructions

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Light - A good rule of thumb with plants that flower or fruit, is that they’ll always need sunlight in order to be able to do so. Winterberry would like a little direct sun if possible but will withstand bright diffused light. 
Water - It takes water along with sunlight to make those berries, so give your winterberry a good drink that it can absorb over a week. Make sure the soil approaches dryness before watering again. Most likely you’ve received this plant in the wintertime. If you’ve got a green thumb and it's approaching the warmer months, and your plant is thriving, increase the amount of water to account for more sunlight and longer days. 
Plants that flower and fruit generally have to go through a period of dormancy in order to regenerate enough energy to withstand another bloom cycle. During this time the plant will most likely have dropped all its berries and just be green. Keep taking care of it like you normally would, adding fertilizer into the watering schedule if possible. This will help restore the plant’s energy in order to re-fruit.
*Just like people, each plant is a unique living thing and may have varying needs, especially in their individual locations. These are basic guidelines that may have to be augmented slightly depending on the environment you place your plant in, as well as frequency and amount of water given.

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