Houseplant Sunlight Guide

So you've been told your plant needs 'bright indirect sunlight' and you're thinking to yourself... 'what does that mean?'. Don't worry, we'll break it down for you.
Typically your plant will require one of the following; low light, bright indirect light, or direct light. 

Here are some of the qualities to look for when figuring out where these spots are in your space.


Low Light*

A low light space refers to locations well away from a sunny window, but in a room that does receive natural light. A spot on a shelf, tabletop, or on the floor in a room opposite a sunny window would be ideal. A spot in a North facing window can also work, just be cautious of cold drafts in the winter months. A low light plant should not be getting any direct sun exposure. Some low light plants include peace lilies, delicate ferns, rubber plants, some sansevierias, and plants with broad, dark leaves.

Bright, Indirect Light

Many plants prefer a space that falls into this category. This refers to a space that is about five or so feet away from a sunny South or West facing window. (Closer is okay as long as a sheer curtain or blind is always pulled in the window where it's sitting.) You could also get away with a spot directly in an East facing window where the plant will receive some direct sun, but not the most intense, hottest beams of the day. Some plants that fall into this category include; orchids, pilea, many varieties of philodendron, fiddle leaf figs, and many types of ferns. 

Direct Light

Just as the name suggests, these plants are sun lovers and want at least a few hours a day in direct sunbeams. Place these plants in your South and West facing windows (keeping tabs on drafts in the colder months) or only as far as a couple of feet away. Cacti, succulents, palms, and most blooming plants are going to love it here.



*Disclaimer: The 'Low Light' category does not suggest that plants can survive in a space where there is no natural light. Most plants need at least bright space in order to thrive instead of just survive. Any plant can be put in any place for a time, but don't expect to have it too long if it's not getting the light it needs. If you find your plant not doing great in a low light space, it might require more light than what it’s receiving.