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Hydrangea - Is It a Love/Hate Thang?

Hydrangeas are one of the most popular cut flowers that we design with in the shop, and there’s nothing like a mass of them to create a dramatic effect. However, they do sometimes get a bad rep’.  Well known for their fluffy marshmallow-like appearance and striking look when arranged en masse, hydrangea’s large and beautiful blooms can sometimes elicit a love/hate response from customers. It seems people are either in one camp or the other. On the one hand, hydrangea reminds us of a stunning country garden and has a classically elegant look. On the other, however, they are known for having a darker side. If you’ve ever experienced the hydrangea shrivel, you’ll know what we mean! They can be...

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Bring Home Spring

With Christmas almost all but a distant memory, the winter months are a perfect time to treat yourself and add a touch of spring to your home.   Tulips are available in a stunning variety of shapes and colours.  The varieties we carry in the shop, January through early May are all locally grown in Ontario (Let’s hear it for local growers!!!) The magic of tulips is that they continue to grow several inches while in your vase so be sure to select a clean vase that is tall enough or simply enjoy watching them do their flower yoga 😊    If given proper care, tulips bloom 3-7 days. Your vase should be kept in a cool place out of the...

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The Positive Power of Flowers

We all know that flowers can brighten our surroundings and cheer us up. A lone bloom or a bevy of blossoms can lift our spirits. In their many lovely forms, flowers captivate us with colour and scent, distracting us in the most wonderful way. Subtle or striking, they can be therapeutic. Flowers have power and here’s how: The colours of flowers can make you happier through chromatherapy, in which colour balances “energy” that may be lacking, to improve one’s spiritual, physical or emotional body. Flowers can help us express sentiments where words may fail us, calm us and remind us of our connection to the seasons and nature. Far back in history, flowers triggered dopamine in our hunter-gatherer ancestors since...

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