The Devil Is In the Details - How to Order Flowers

The Devil Is In the Details - How to Order Flowers

It may not seem like it, but there’s actually a lot that goes into placing a floral order, and therefore a lot that can go wrong! From taking down the recipient’s information, to writing a meaningful message on the card, placing an order for flowers requires a lot of information to be transferred from the person placing the order to the person taking the order and then onwards to the designer and the delivery team too.

Details matter. And so does being organized. We are happy to say that we’re a really busy shop, but because of this, we cannot facilitate multiple customer calls relaying separate bits of information pertaining to one order. Doing this generates confusion amongst staff and creates the opportunity for mistakes to be made and information to be missed or communicated incorrectly. 

We pride ourselves on excellent customer service here at Oleander, but for this to happen, we require that our customers have all the necessary information ready before placing a flower order. So what particulars do you need before picking up the phone? Read on for our top tips for placing a stress-free floral order:


  1. Have the recipient’s full name, phone number, and delivery address (including postcode, room number, etc.) ready to give to the person taking your order. This avoids any confusion with the delivery team, and provides them with contact details for the recipient should they need to be reached or re-delivery be necessary.
  2. Know what you want to say on the enclosed card. Our complimentary cards are blank so be sure to think about your message before placing your order. You can always add a greetings card at checkout should this be a preference.
  3. Have payment information, including billing address, ready. We require payment at time of order and cannot begin working on your arrangement without this.
  4. Check someone will be home to accept your delivery. When temperatures are at extremes (both hot and cold), we cannot leave flowers at the door.     

Being prepared with all the necessary information ensures a quick and easy ordering process for you, our customer. It also allows us to put maximum time and energy into designing your beautiful arrangement, which is, after all, what you’re paying us to do!

For an even speedier ordering experience, click here to place an order online.  

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