Chrysanthemums - The Flowers for November

Chrysanthemums - The Flowers for November

Chrysanthemums have had a really bad rap, but they are actually one of our favourite flowers here at Oleander. They come in all different varieties, colours, shapes and sizes and, if properly cared for, last a really really long time!

Steeped in history, and grown in thousands of varieties, the humble chrysanthemum is native to East Asia and northeastern Europe and belongs to the daisy family. The name Chrysanthemum stems from the Ancient Greek chrysos (meaning gold) and anthemon (meaning flower). 

First cultivated in China as far back as the 15th century BC, chrysanthemums grew in popularity and chrysanthemum culture flourished. Loved across the globe, these bright and colourful flowers hold special significance in East Asian cultures.

In 910 the Imperial Court of Japan held its first chrysanthemum show. Since then, a number of festivals and shows celebrating the magnificent mum take place throughout Japan during the fall when the flowers bloom. In fact, the chrysanthemum actually has its own dedicated day. Chrysanthemum Day, or Kiku no Sekku, is celebrated on the 9th day of the 9th month, and is one of five ancient sacred festivals. So special is this flower to Japanese culture, that it adorns the Imperial seal of Japan, and the Emperor of Japan’s throne is called the Chrysanthemum Throne.

Not only are chrysanthemums lovely to look at, but they are also healthy for us too! The Nasa Clean Air Study found that the plants have been shown to reduce indoor air pollution. Chrysanthemums are also highly prized as a food source. In parts of East Asia, flowers and leaves are boiled to make tea, and the leaves are also added to other dishes as a flavour enhancer. 

As with most popular flowers, the mighty mum comes with a wide variety of meanings across the globe. In the Victorian language of flowers, the chrysanthemum carries the symbolic meaning of devoted love, loyalty, happiness, longevity, and joy. The chrysanthemum is the official flower for November birthdays and the 13th wedding anniversary flower.

We use a variety of chrysanthemums in the shop and stock them all year round. From cute and compact button mums, to elegant spider mums, to big and beautiful commercial (football) mums, all our chrysanthemums provide a great aesthetic and are long-lasting if cared for correctly. They are also appropriate flowers for any occasion. Visit us here to place an order.

Unfortunately, due to the on-going flower shortage, we are unable to guarantee specific flower colours and varieties at this time.


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