How to Start the New Year Right …

How to Start the New Year Right …

With flowers of course!

Now that we’re full swing into 2023, we’re excited about what’s to come over the next twelve months, and we think the best way to welcome and celebrate all that’s on the horizon is by sending flowers! 

Obviously birthdays and anniversaries are popular occasions to send a floral gift but read on to find out some of our favourite, but non-traditional, opportunities for sending flowers:

Had an outstanding year as a business owner? Celebrate by thanking employees, colleagues or special customers with a flower arrangement. 

Forgotten an important event this past year? Life gets busy, and if you forgot to acknowledge an event, rest assured that it’s not too late! Extend good wishes (and get out of the doghouse) by sending a beautiful bouquet.

Family weren’t able to gather for the holidays? Sometimes circumstances dictate that loved ones can’t physically be together to celebrate. So, even if you sent gifts for Christmas, give family and friends a bit of an extra surprise by sending flowers this new year.

Someone getting married in 2023? Wedding countdowns are real! Show a loved one that you’re also excited about their big day by gifting them a floral arrangement. 

Baby on the way? How about sending surprise flowers to announce a pregnancy to parents, siblings or other loved ones?

Want to send something just because? A new year is the perfect time to send flowers, whatever the reason. If the mood strikes, just do it!

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