Winter Planters and How to Care for Them:

Winter Planters and How to Care for Them:

 During the dark and chilly days of winter, there’s nothing that lifts the spirits more than seeing festive planters outside people’s homes. Chock-full of wonderful winter greenery, seasonal ornaments and natural branching, the team at Oleander have been expertly beautifying the exteriors of client’s homes and businesses with seasonal planters for years now!

From traditional holiday-inspired colour schemes to more rustic and natural elements, our crew uses natural branching like birch poles, redtwig dogwood and curly willow alongside the freshest winter greenery and the most tasteful decorations to make sure your planters sparkle and give off just the vibe you’re looking for. Our planters are designed to keep their shape and colour with very minimal effort required on your part, ensuring they see you right through the entire holiday season.

Despite winter planters being incredibly low-maintenance however, they do still require a little bit of TLC if they’re to remain looking their best beyond the New Year. Follow our top tips below for looking after your winter planters this season:


  1. Water your pots! Evergreens look best when their stems are kept moist. Any time the temperature is above freezing, give your planters a little drink. When the white stuff arrives, place a little of it on top of the soil as this will help hydrate your pots when the temperature nudges upward.


  1. Remove large amounts of snow! After a heavy snowstorm, gently brush snow off the greenery. This is especially important with leafy greens, like magnolia leaf or boxwood.


  1. Give your planters an early spring makeover! Freshen up winter containers in February by pulling or clipping (if soil is frozen solid) any faded greens in order to maintain the freshest look.

If you’re thinking about having planters designed this year, have any questions about the services we offer, or simply just want to reserve your spot for us to come and design your winter containers, give us a call on 416 236 8273. Be quick though - spots fill up fast and product is limited! 


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