Why are Valentine’s Flowers so Expensive?

Why are Valentine’s Flowers so Expensive?


V-Day, Valentine’s, Saint Valentine’s Day, the Feast of Saint Valentine, or even Galentine’s Day. Whatever you call it, it’s nearly here, and, alongside Mother’s Day, it’s a pretty big one for the floristry world. With that comes an increase in prices for the customer, particularly in respect to red roses, the most gifted flower for this holiday. But why is this? Are flower shops just ripping off their customers because they can, or is there something more to it? 


Like most products we buy, it all boils down to supply and demand. Red roses are the most popular flower to send to a Valentine but, like the rest of the world, the majority of the roses we buy in Canada are imported from South America. The flower farms dedicate a large amount of resources, in the form of land, energy and labour, to producing enough red roses to supply the world for this one special day, every year. That’s a lot of time and expense for just one day! Ensuring that growing, picking and transporting work together perfectly in order to get the product to where it needs to be in time for Valentine’s day is a huge undertaking and therefore impacts the price significantly. The worldwide demand for red roses in particular, and the logistics involved in getting the flowers into local flower shops, means the price skyrockets for this holiday. Consumer demand is said to be around ten times the normal demand for non-floral holidays. 


These past two years have also seen an extra strain on the flower industry as a result of Covid-19. Labour shortages, production, supply and transportation issues, together with unexpected weather problems, have all contributed to overall increased prices on all types of flowers. Higher prices unfortunately have to be passed on to the customer in order for flower shops to be able to offer products, and ultimately to ensure their survival. It’s also due to these ongoing issues that florists are not able to guarantee stock availability right now.


Despite these increased prices, here at Oleander we pride ourselves on continuing to offer the highest quality product, designed in an aesthetically stylish way, together with excellent customer service. If you’re thinking of treating someone special this Valentine’s Day, here are a few things you can do to help make sure it goes without a hitch and is celebrated perfectly:


  • Order from us instead of buying from a grocery store - you will be supporting a small local business where your arrangement will be handcrafted by expert designers who truly love what they do. We also take extra care over how our flowers are processed and stored to ensure they arrive to you in the best shape possible and will last for the longest time possible
  • Order early - we are expecting supply to be extremely limited this year
  • Order a designer’s choice arrangement instead of red roses, or a specific type of flower - this will give you the best value for money. (Keep in mind that the wholesale cost of all flowers and greenery also goes up for Valentine’s as well)
  • Order a bouquet of tulips - they are locally grown, much cheaper, are just as beautiful, and symbolize a perfect and deep love
  • Consider not ordering flowers at all but instead put together a carefully-curated gift box with gorgeous items from our gift shop. We stock a variety of Canadian-made candles, bath salts, body butters, chocolates, and other spa-worthy treats with which to pamper your loved one. We can help you put together the perfect package and will gift wrap it beautifully for you - just ask!
  • Send a plant instead of fresh flowers - it will last longer and the recipient will be able to enjoy being more involved in its care


Whilst we would love to offer flowers at our usual prices for Valentine’s, the truth is that independent florists simply are not able to do this. Nor are we able to compete with the buying power of large grocery stores. Lowering prices would destroy our ability to deliver the stunning arrangements we are known for with the same quality and integrity that our customers love. 


So let us help you spoil your nearest and dearest this year. Whether that be through flowers, plants, treats from our gift shop, or just a sweet Valentine’s card, place your order early by visiting us online here

  • Please Note: Due to the high volume of deliveries on Valentine’s day, we are not able to guarantee a delivery time. Drivers are also unable to attempt same-day redelivery if the recipient is not at home when delivery is first attempted. When placing an order, please ensure someone will be available to accept the delivery, otherwise redelivery will be attempted the following day and a second delivery charge will be applied. We typically experience very cold temperatures in February, meaning that flowers and plants cannot be left at the door. Thank you for your understanding.

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