Why a Designer’s Choice Arrangement is Your BFF

Why a Designer’s Choice Arrangement is Your BFF

 We love nothing more than to give our customers exactly what they want. But often, customers don’t actually know what they want! Or, what they want isn’t available, or budget won’t allow for it. Whatever the reason, being rigid in your requirements for a floral arrangement will actually be detrimental to both the arrangement, and your wallet!

So what to order then?  

Ranging in size and price, one of our Designer’s Choice arrangements takes the hassle out of ordering, gives you the absolute best bang for your buck, the freshest seasonal flowers, and a one-off, designed especially-for-you arrangement that no one else will have.

It's music to our ears when our customers leave the design and colour combo to our designers. If you're not fussed, know our style, and are wanting to send "something pretty", then look no further, we’ve got you!

Our florists will create an arrangement in the classic Oleander style using a mix of the most inspiring seasonal blooms of the week. Since this is a Designer's Choice arrangement, flowers and colour palette will be ever-changing and will differ from the photos on the website. Arrangements are made in a full, lush style in a glass vase so there’s no need to worry about water sources or the recipient having to find a suitable container. Designer’s Choice arrangements really are the easiest and most cost-effective way to order something special for a loved one!  

Take the stress out of flower ordering and purchase your blooms here, for pickup or delivery within the GTA.

As always, if you are looking for something specific, please contact us on 416 236 8273 and we’ll be happy to help you.

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