Want to Improve Workplace Productivity? Flowers Are the Answer:

Want to Improve Workplace Productivity? Flowers Are the Answer:

Is your workplace a dull, uninspiring and stuffy environment? Do you count down the seconds to the end of the day as soon as you step foot inside the office door? Maybe your workspace decor is crying out for a refresher? Read on to find out how flowers and plants could be just the answer you’re looking for:

We all know that plants and flowers are good for us. Multiple studies have shown that greenery in our space lifts our mood and can make us healthier. But can a bit of flora actually improve our productivity and output at work? And if so, how?

Well, studies show that from perking up a dull Monday morning to communicating a company’s brand and values, workplace flowers offer numerous benefits that we bet you’ve never even considered:

  1. Productivity

Forget that morning cup of coffee. In a Harvard study, researchers found that office flowers increased participants’ energy levels and improved their moods! 

  1. Creative Vision

Floral design greatly improves innovative thinking. An eight-month study at a Texas university concluded that both men and women demonstrated higher levels of idea generation and increased problem-solving skills when in a floral setting. 

  1. Tranquility

Office flowers can help to ease tension in a chaotic work environment. Many flowers emit scents that are calming or energizing - both especially helpful for meeting those demanding deadlines.

  1. Company Morale

Floral settings are proven to help boost feelings of excitement and positivity among all ages and genders. Studies show that office flowers help establish a sense of community and connection, and this is linked to lower levels of depression and anxiety. So flowers really do make people happy!

  1. Employee Wellness

Indoor plants help keep sick days at bay. Colds, sore throats, coughing and even fatigue are all reduced when people are exposed to plants. Plants improve air quality, help reduce dust and toxin levels and can even speed up healing and recovery times. 

Floral design can also work wonders by improving the look and feel of a corporate environment, and it’s a cost-effective and easy workspace upgrade that your colleagues will definitely appreciate!

Oleander has years of experience in providing florals for corporate clients, so whether you’re looking for a one-off display to highlight your company’s ethos and brand, or create the right mood for a special event, or you’d like to discuss regular flower arrangements for your workplace, give us a call on 416 236 8273 and we’ll be happy to help! 

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