Three Symbolic Flowers to Gift on International Women’s Day

Three Symbolic Flowers to Gift on International Women’s Day

As a woman-owned business, we have to say that here at Oleander, we think women are just incredible! And it seems that many people agree as it’s for this reason that International Women’s Day is celebrated around the world every year. 

This year the day will be celebrated on Wednesday March 8 and we bet it won’t take you long to name a few women who have positively impacted your life! Whether that’s a mother, grandmother, mentor, teacher or best friend, why not thank and celebrate them with a gorgeous floral arrangement from Oleander?

In 1946, Italian feminists selected the mimosa as the official flower for International Women’s Day. Since then, it has been a tradition to give flowers to women on this day to show appreciation and support. Whilst we don’t currently stock mimosas, there are many kinds of flowers that commemorate and celebrate a woman’s abilities and strengths. So, if you’re planning to treat a special woman in your life this year, be sure to include some of the following three flowers that are symbolic of International Women’s Day: 


The resilient and beautiful carnation is a firm favourite of ours to gift because they represent admiration. They’re also incredible value for money, hardy and long-lasting and they come in many beautiful colours. What’s not to love? 


Hydrangeas are also available in many colours and represent abundance, thankfulness, beauty, and grace. Hydrangeas also create an incredibly bold and beautiful statement as part of a hand-tied bouquet or vase arrangement, or even on their own!


Orchids are popular springtime floral gifts, and they symbolize beauty and strength. For an extra special gift, why not send one of our stunning Double Stem White Orchids?

Chances are there is a woman in your life that you greatly admire. Cheer her on by sending her a gorgeous arrangement of flowers that represent her amazing strengths on International Womens' Day. Place your order here for pick-up or delivery within the GTA.


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