The Spookiest Flowers and Plants . . .

The Spookiest Flowers and Plants . . .


There are no shortages of gorgeous flowers around at this time of the year but if you want to know what the spookiest and most frightening blooms out there are, then you’ve come to the right place! Ghoulish, gastly, and downright ghostly, our just-for-fun list was designed perfectly with Halloween in mind and will definitely put you in the mood for all things spectral!

  1. Ghost plant

This rare plant is incredibly unique in that it does not produce any chlorophyll (the chemical that allows plants and flowers to absorb energy from the sun and typically gives plants their green colour). Ghost plant is actually a parasite that feeds on trees, and is even edible, although we don’t fancy munching on it!



  1. Dracula Orchid

Hailing from Ecuador, and not Transylvania, this beautiful orchid has large black petals reminiscent of Count Dracula’s cape. 


  1. Zombie Palm

Originating from Haiti, this tree’s trunk is covered in piercing thorns. Ouch! 


  1. Corpse Flower

This plant gets its name from the terrifying smell it emits when blooming - and it’s powerful! Supposedly smelling of rotting flesh, the corpse flower’s scent is enough to make you run screaming! 


  1. Deadly Nightshade

Considered one of the most toxic on the planet, this plant has been the star of the show in literature for centuries and is so dangerous that it’s highly regulated in some countries. 


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