The Prettiest Peonies You Ever Did See

The Prettiest Peonies You Ever Did See


With its lush petals unfurling in beautiful layers, the peony has a delicate and timeless allure and is a firm favourite at this time of year here at the flower shop. A sure symbol of romance, prosperity, and grace, we want to share a little about these most elegant of blooms with you:

Although we tend to think of peonies as just being “the pink fluffy flowers”, there are in fact many shades of peonies. From the purest whites to the deepest crimsons, and from soft pastels to vibrant corals, peonies paint a vivid tapestry of colours, with each hue carrying its own symbolism. From emblems of innocence and purity to romance and prosperity, peonies make the perfect choice for any occasion, whether it's a wedding celebration, a heartfelt apology, or simply a gesture of appreciation.

But the allure of peonies extends beyond the visual with their intoxicating fragrance that fills the air and infuses every space with a sense of tranquility and beauty. We’re closing our eyes and letting the sweet perfume of these magnificent blooms transport us to a garden oasis every time we design with them!

Peonies are most definitely a timeless flower, having graced gardens and bouquets for centuries. In ancient times, they were revered as symbols of wealth, honour, and prosperity, adorning the gardens of emperors and nobility. Today, they continue to captivate hearts with their understated glamour and enduring beauty, symbolizing love, romance, and good fortune.

Caring for Your Peonies:

While peonies are fairly fleeting beauties, their blooms can be enjoyed for an extended period with proper care. Here are some tips to help you prolong the lifespan of these pretty flowers:


  • Freshness Matters: our designs include blooms with as many being as tight as possible for maximum enjoyment.
  • Trim the Stems: Before arranging peonies, trim the stems at an angle and remove any leaves that will be submerged in water. This helps the flowers absorb water more effectively and prevents bacterial growth.
  • Water Wisely: Place peonies in a clean vase filled with fresh water and change the water every couple of days to keep it clean and clear.
  • Keep Cool: Peonies prefer cool temperatures, so avoid placing them in direct sunlight or near sources of heat.

Now you know how to care for them, you can enjoy the show! Sit back, relax, and admire the beauty of your peonies as they delicately unfurl their petals.

Whether you're celebrating a special occasion or simply seeking to add a touch of elegance to your day, peonies are sure to delight and inspire with their timeless allure and understated grace. Check out our Peony Posey and Petite Peonies arrangements, but be quick as they won’t be around for long!

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