The Birds and the Bees. And the Butterflies Too!

The Birds and the Bees. And the Butterflies Too!

While many consider insects in the garden during the summertime pests, there are some whose presence should definitely be welcomed! Some species of birds, insects and small animals are incredibly beneficial to our plants and flowers and should be invited into our outside green spaces.

Pollinators, such as bees, butterflies and hummingbirds, do a fantastic job of helping our gardens to thrive. And some bird species can actually help keep unwanted pests away as they snack on tasty insects as food. But what are the best plants for attracting these fabulous friends?

One of the best plants for attracting pollinators is marigolds. They grow in any soil type and will brighten up your garden with their striking yellow and orange blooms. Marigolds are also great for attracting birds, who will eat the dried seeds.

Another great addition to any garden, thanks to its beautiful purple hue and gorgeous scent, is lavender. It’s a cinch to grow (most varieties like sunshine and drier soil, so it’s low maintenance) and it attracts pollinators like butterflies and bees whilst repelling other unhelpful insects like mosquitoes, moths and ticks.

Another super easy-to-grow choice is sunflowers. These bright and bold beauties attract many songbirds, including goldfinches, and bees love them too! 

Daisies are another great addition, attracting songbirds like finches, sparrows and cardinals, and some varieties also help ward off harmful bugs.

Plant honeysuckle against a wall or fence you’d like to cover and watch the birds and bees flock to it for its sweet nectar and berries. You’ll also be able to enjoy the sweet-smelling fragrance and pretty flowers.

You don’t actually have to plant flowers to help keep pollinators happy though. Simply adding a bird feeder, or a water element (like a bird bath or fountain) is enough to keep these flying friends visiting. Add some stones or pebbles in a sunny area to keep butterflies happy, and consider leaving a small section of hedge or bush untrimmed for a place for pollinators to shelter in. 

Beautiful songbirds and colourful butterflies make a wonderful sensory addition to a garden in the summertime, so follow our tips to help make these animals feel welcome! And, for all your indoor plant and flower needs this summer, order online with us here.


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