Popular in the 1970s, terrariums have steadily made a comeback over the past few years. These indoor miniature gardens are usually confined within a glass container that can be entirely sealed or left partially open. An easy way to bring plants indoors whilst keeping mess to a minimum and cutting down on maintenance, planting and growing terrarium plants is a fun hobby that both grownups and kids can easily do. 

But here’s the rub - you can’t just stick any old plant in a terrarium and expect it to thrive! So which plants do best in these pint-sized gardens? Small, humidity-loving plants grow well in the warm and confined space of a terrarium. Think ferns and mosses, many tropical plants, and even cacti and succulents. 

Make sure your plant choices all have the same watering needs though. You’ll also want to choose plants that can tolerate humidity since the enclosed structure of a terrarium generates and traps in a lot of moisture. Terrarium plants also need to be able to tolerate low or indirect levels of light. The next thing to consider is the right size of plant. You want to choose plants that are small enough for the size of the terrarium, so that the plant’s leaves aren’t all smushed up against the sides of the container. 

If you do want to grow succulents and /or cacti in your terrarium, then it’s best to use a more open container that will retain less humidity, as these plants prefer a drier environment. 

Here at Oleander, we stock a variety of ferns, cacti and succulents just perfect for creating your own mini-ecosystem, and can answer any questions you may have on building the perfect terrarium. Or, why not let us put a terrarium together for you? Visit us here to place an order or come and see us in store.


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