Starting the New Year Green!

Starting the New Year Green!

Refresh and renew your space with the restorative power of green plants!

During the winter months the air in your home becomes extremely dry so here are some reasons you should bring some plants home.

House plants increase humidity and reduce carbon dioxide levels.  You can also consider an indoor plant like another filter in your home.  They help to reduce pollutants and dust levels and I think we can all agree the less dusting we need to do to the better 😊

We hear from customers time and again that they consider themselves “plant killers” or don’t have a “green thumb”.  Fortunately, there is a plentiful list of easy to care for plants that are sure to add some atmosphere, colour and harmony to your space.

Some easy to care for plants we recommend are spider plants, peace lily, jade plants, crispy wave fern and succulents.

Have questions, drop by the store or give us a call.  We are always happy to help!



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