Spotlight On: Sunflowers

Spotlight On: Sunflowers

Sunflowers, the ultimate flower of summer! Coming into their own right now, sunflowers are at their best here in Ontario. Peak season for these beauties usually begins late July to early August and lasts until mid-August, although fortunately we continue to receive gorgeous cut sunflowers well into the fall from our local growers.

From lone giant sunflower stems to fields full of these cheery blooms, our countryside is a great place to spot them while out and about this summer. There’s nothing more uplifting than whizzing past a field full of these joyful flowers while driving along a country lane in the sunshine, and our province has sunflower fields in abundance!

An easy to grow and extremely popular flower, sunflowers are native to North America, and specifically Mexico. They were introduced to Europe by the Spanish Conquistadors in the 1500s. These beauties open up to ‘face the sun’, usually between late morning and early afternoon, so this is the ideal time to see them and maybe take a few photos too!

Able to grow up to 10 metres tall, and providing us with healthy and nutritious food sources, the humble sunflower is a pretty impressive plant. And, as the name suggests, they need plenty of hours of sunshine to reach their full potential (up to 8 hours a day). Good thing we’ve had a lot of sun this year!

Whilst there are plenty of sunflower fields and farms for you to visit in the beautiful Ontario countryside, if you’re after an arrangement of sunflowers, either for a gift, or to brighten up your home, we’ve got just the thing! Our Sunshine Bouquet is locally grown and bursting with colour. This hand-tied bouquet of sunflowers is beautifully designed alongside seasonal floral accents and greenery and is sure to brighten even the cloudiest of days! We also have our Sunny Skies vase arrangement available for purchase. Just click on the links above to place an order. 

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