Spotlight On Shamrocks

Spotlight On Shamrocks

March 17th is St. Patrick's Day, and we’ll definitely be including a potted shamrock plant or two in our decorations!

Available in a range of green and purple shades, these pretty plants have delicate flowers which bloom on and off throughout the year. At nighttime, their leaves fold up and then reopen when the light returns. Often thought to bring good luck, the shamrock plant is the perfect addition to your springtime decorations, whether you celebrate Saint Paddy’s day or not! 

So you can get the most out of your plants, here are some shamrock care tips:


  • Plants prefer to be placed in an area that is room temperature with bright, indirect light
  • Soil should be kept lightly moist and allowed to approach dryness between waterings
  • Shamrocks are toxic to people and pets - so place them carefully
  • Drooping leaves are often due to insufficient water and/or light
  • Deadheading (removing spent blooms) can help with blooming and extend the life of your plant

Shamrocks will be available to buy in store - but be warned, these beauties sell out quickly!  

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