Spotlight On: Peace lily

Spotlight On: Peace lily


One of the most forgiving, easiest to look after, and low light-loving plants, is the humble peace lily. Otherwise known as Spathiphyllum, and sometimes closet plants, this unassuming but pretty plant has been a firm favourite with customers in the shop for many years, being a popular choice for both homes and offices.

Native to tropical regions of the Americas and southeastern Asia, peace lilies have large glossy green leaves and white, yellowish or greenish flowers, or spathes. Well-loved because it does not require much light or water to survive, the peace lily is a great introduction to the house plant world, and also the perfect gift to give to a not so green-fingered friend.

The name peace lily is thought to originate from the plant's symbolism for peace, purity, and healing, and has also been associated with the white flag, which is a universal signal for truce. Despite its name though, the peace lily does have a bit of a dark side, in that it can be mildly toxic to humans and other animals when ingested. It contains calcium oxalate crystals, which can cause skin irritation, a burning sensation in the mouth, difficulty swallowing, and nausea, but it does not contain the toxins found in true lilies, which have been known to cause acute kidney failure in cats and some other animals. 

Peace lilies like it best in a low to medium-lit spot and really only need a little sunlight to thrive. Ideally watered when the soil is dry, one of the most common mistakes we see in caring for this plant is overwatering. Check the plant once a week to determine if it needs to be watered by simply touching the top of the soil. If it’s dry, then it’s time to water. But, if the soil is still damp, the plant does not need to be hydrated further. The great news? Peace lilies are very tolerant to drought so if you forget to water them they will easily recover. 

Now you know all about this wonderful plant, why not treat yourself to a new bit of green? Peace lilies also make excellent gifts and with both mini and regular-sized available, we’re sure you’ll find the right one at Oleander. Order here for pick up or GTA delivery. 

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