Spotlight On Monstera

Spotlight On Monstera


Famous for their natural leaf-holes and therefore lovingly known as Swiss Cheese Plants, Monsteras are species of evergreen tropical vines that are native to Central America. This popular choice of houseplant captures people’s hearts due to its large and vibrant green leaves and the fact that they’re relatively simple to care for. Here are a few fun facts about these gorgeous beauties:

  • Monstera plants can produce fruits. Contrary to popular opinion, the ripened fruit is actually edible and tastes like a combination of strawberry, passion fruit, mango and pineapple.
  • Thanks to the holes on the leaves of Monstera plants, they are able to resist strong winds and heavy rain.
  • Fenestration is the term given to the splits and holes in the leaves of Monstera plants. It comes from the Latin fenestratus which means, “provided with openings.”
  • Monstera plants have a ‘muscle’ called geniculum that is responsible for directing the leaves towards the sun. The geniculum allows the leaves to rotate to some degree in order to gather more light. 

Already got a Monstera or thinking of getting one? Here are our top tips for making sure your heart-shaped honey is happy at home:

  • Give it a big pot with porous soil and don’t overwater or it will get too soggy. Allow the soil to dry out a bit between waterings.
  • Monstera thrive in bright to medium indirect light and aren’t particularly fans of intense, direct sun.
  • As it’s a tropical species, Monstera prefer humid conditions if possible (great for a bathroom!) but normal room humidity will do just fine. 

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