Shamrock Plants

Shamrock Plants

If you are decorating for St. Patrick's Day, you will want to include a potted shamrock plant.

Shamrock plants (Oxalis regnellii) generally reach no more that 6 inches and are available in a range of greens and purples shades.  Their delicate flowers bloom on and off throughout the year and their leaves fold up at night and reopen when light returns. The whimsical shamrock plant adds a touch of spring and is often thought to bring good luck! Caring for a shamrock plant is simple when you understand their periods of dormancy.  Summer is the shamrocks season of dormancy with their leaves dying back and needing a time of darkness to rest.


Place the plant in an area that is room temperature with bright, indirect light.

Soil should be kept lightly moist and allow soil to approach dryness between     waterings.

When leaves begin to die back, its time for a cooler and darker location away from direct light and avoid fertilizing. As new shoots appear, the dormancy period has ended.  Now it is time to bring the plant back to bright, indirect light for and continue with regular care.


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