Rubber Plants

Rubber Plants


Popular in the 1970s, and now making a strong comeback as a top houseplant choice, is the rubber plant. And we’re here to tell you all about it! 

Rubber plants (Ficus elastica) are trees that are naturally native to Southeast Asia. Unrelated to rubber trees, from which commercial rubber is derived, the rubber plant does similarly contain a  latex-like white sap in its stem and leaves. It’s important to mention that this substance can irritate the skin and eyes, and is also toxic if ingested. It’s because of this that it’s a really good idea to wear gloves when handling rubber plants. Despite this though, the rubber plant has many good things going for it, with the main one being its gorgeous shiny oval leaves. Most rubber plants are instantly recognizable, with sturdy dark green leaves, but many versions are now being cultivated with variegation and in different colour hues. 

Another reason why we like the rubber plant so much here at Oleander, is that they are one of the best plants for removing toxic gasses, in particular the carcinogenic gas formaldehyde. In addition to this, they also produce oxygen and eliminate other air toxins too, including mold. So as well as looking good in any space, you can also easily see how this natural air purifier is an asset to any home. 

Fortunately, keeping your rubber plant happy isn’t too tricky either. Rubber plants like to be kept out of direct sunlight, so away from a sunny window, as you don’t want to risk burning those beautiful leaves. A spot with brightly filtered light is best. These plants don’t tend to grow outwards, they’re more of a climber, so make sure your friend has enough space above to grow. In its natural environment, the rubber plant is capable of growing to 100 feet in height! When grown indoors though, 10 feet is about the maximum they’re likely to reach. Be sure to keep the soil well-watered but not soggy and you should have a beautiful addition to your space for many years.

It’s said that rubber plants represent abundance, happiness and wealth. And we’d love nothing more for you! So, to help you on your way, take a look at the rubber plants we have in stock here at the shop. From the more traditional dark green versions, to a stunning ruby-coloured variety, our rubber plants also come in different sizes and are potted in stylish ceramic containers ready to take home or send as a gift. Take a look here, or visit us in store. 

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