Refresh Your Laundry Room with Us

Refresh Your Laundry Room with Us

Spring is the perfect time to breathe new life into tired spaces in your home and giving your laundry room an update with a few carefully chosen products is a quick and easy way to make this often neglected space feel fresh and clean. 

Here are some of our favourite products in store right now that will turn your laundry room into a stylish yet functional spot:

Speckled Storage Canister These gorgeous canisters are perfect for storing laundry pods and would look beautiful displayed on a shelf. 

Swedish Dish Cloths Compostable and plant-based, these cloths offer a sustainable alternative to sponges, dishcloths and paper towels and become soft and pliable when wet for easy clean-up.

Scoop Set Use this sweet little set of scoops to measure out powdered detergent!

Diamond Turkish Hand Towel This made-to-last hand towel is both durable and refined. A must for any sink.

Chateau Spill Stain Remover Keep this little bottle of magic on hand to safely remove stains from carpet, clothing, linens, furniture and more, without the use of bleach, chlorine or peroxide.

Jude's Miracle Cloth Wet it, wring it, wipe any surface, and walk away. You'll get a streak-free, spot-free, and lint-free shine. Perfect for windows, mirrors, stainless steel, chrome, etc. Jude’s is a must!

K’Pure Moisturising Foaming Hand Wash Pumps & Refills All natural, non-toxic, moisturizing foaming hand wash. Made with organic ingredients, and uplifting and naturally antibacterial organic essential oils. 

Original Wet Bag This amazing wet bag is great for so many occasions but we love it for transporting wet gear to the washing machine. 

Lothantique Linen Water These light and airy sprays are made in France with top quality essential oils and fragrances. Freshen up fabrics by either spritzing or using as you iron.

LOHN Everywhere Mists A scent to meet every mood. A few spritzes will lift your space, linens, and clothing for several hours. 

Bright Blooms Doormat This bright and bold doormat will add a sunny touch to your mud room doorway all year long! 

Round Baskets Round stackable baskets that are both practical and useful in a laundry room. Each includes a plastic liner, making it perfect for holding plants or anything else that may come into contact with liquid. 

Woven Grass Hamper No one likes their dirty laundry being aired, so hide it away in this gorgeous hamper! 

Persian Rug Memory Foam Mat Made from plush and absorbent memory foam with an anti-slip backing, these machine-washable Persian rug-inspired utility mats are the perfect accents for a laundry room.

NaturaPure Wool Dryer Balls Made from 100% locally-sourced sheep wool, these dryer balls eliminate the need for toxic fabric softener and dryer sheets as well as cut down on drying time by up to 30-50%! Use with your favourite essential oil to add a soft scent to your clothes.

Shop direct from the links above or come see us in store! Delivery available within the GTA.

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