Plant Some Positivity

Plant Some Positivity

Studies show that people who spend time surrounded by plants have less stress in their lives. We could all do with that, right? Plants soothe the soul and create a healthy environment for us to live and work in. It’s been said that they help us focus more and concentrate better, and surrounding oneself with nature is believed to increase memory retention, and improve mental cognition and performance by up to twenty percent! 

A natural environment stimulates the senses while simultaneously keeping us calm, so having plants in the house or office, or taking time to get outside in the greenery is really important for our physical and mental health and wellbeing. 

Think you might need to up your houseplant game? Why not treat yourself to a new one, or two? Or, if you’re like us, seven! We have a beautiful range in stock, ready-potted and suitable for every space and occasion. Wanting to send a plant to a friend or loved one? We gift wrap and deliver within the GTA. Order online here or come and see us at the store. 

We’re also really lucky here in the city to have some gorgeous outside spaces to enjoy. So, while the sun’s still shining, make the most of the good weather, get outside, and immerse yourself in nature.

Here are some of our favourite green spots within the city perfect for reconnecting with Mother Nature :

High Park

Étienne Brûlé Park

Rouge National Urban Park

Bluffer’s Park

Toronto Music Garden

And, if you’re thinking of packing a picnic, we’ve got just the thing! Why not pick up one of our stylish and eco-friendly "Green Plastic" Hinza Shoppers. These super-durable and easy-to-clean bags are large enough to pack all your favourite snacks and are made from renewable sugarcane! Pair with one of these fabulous insulated inserts, and you’ll never have soggy sandwiches again!

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