Not Yer Granny’s Dried Flowers

Not Yer Granny’s Dried Flowers

Not too long ago, dried flowers were once associated with your granny’s night stand, destined to be forgotten about and forever covered in a layer of dust. Well, no more, flower-loving friends! Dried and preserved flowers are having a mega come-back, and it’s no wonder when these versatile beauties are now being thoughtfully designed and can last a lifetime in comparison to cut flowers.

The act of drying flowers for preservation dates back to ancient times. Ancient Egyptians dried and preserved flowers and plants in order to make perfumes, and in the Middle Ages, dried flowers were used as medicine. The Victorians famously had a fascination with drying flowers, and it quickly became a popular hobby. 

While nothing can beat the smell, look and feel of a vase of freshly cut flowers, dried and preserved flowers have a special place in our hearts. From wreaths to pot pourri to a full vase arrangement, right now, dried flowers are having a rebirth and successfully recementing their place in current home decor design trends.

Dried flower weddings are also in fashion right now, as they give brides and grooms the ability to keep their personal flowers as a memento of their special day. Here in the shop, we’re enjoying mixing dried flowers into some of our fresh floral arrangements, giving added depth and texture and creating an interesting alternate aesthetic. But did you know we also create vase arrangements consisting of wholly dried flowers? They’re a great alternative to consider sending to a friend or loved one as a gift, and here’s why:

  • They’re a sustainable and environmentally-friendly option, with really no waste
  • Arrangements made of dried flowers don’t have pollen, and therefore tend not to be a trigger for people with allergies
  • With proper care, dried flowers can last for months and even years
  • They are incredibly low-maintenance
  • They can be recycled into something new, e.g. another arrangement

While dried flowers, wreaths and grasses don’t require maintenance per se, be sure to keep them away from places with high moisture, like kitchens and bathrooms. If there’s moisture in the room, it could encourage mould growth. Also, dried flowers don’t like bright sunlight or windy spots. And you should probably keep them out of reach of the kids too! A quick dust every now and again is all that’s needed. What could be simpler? 

We stock a variety of dried and preserved floral items, including vase arrangements, wreaths and pampas grasses. Shop our beautiful offerings here.

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