Reduce, Re-use, Recycle

Reduce, Re-use, Recycle


We all use it. 95% of Ontarians, infact, according to Stewardship Ontario. We’re talking about the humble Blue Box. Designed in 1977 by Jack McGinnis, shortly after, the world’s first blue box appeared on our streets. His simple idea has become a curbside icon responsible for diverting over 870,000 tonnes of material in Ontario every year. 

Here at Oleander, we love our Mama Earth and think it's important to take the extra steps to make sure we keep her happy and healthy. With the recent announcement that the province will be bringing recycling to more communities and expanding the list of blue bin items, we thought now would be a great time to share some ideas of how you can work with us to reduce waste. 

Number 1 on our list is definitely support local! When you buy in-season, locally-grown flowers from us, not only will you be reducing the travel-related carbon footprint, but your blooms will be fresher and last longer. We stock a large range of Ontario-grown flowers in the store. Just give us a call on (416) 236 8273 or visit

Request a vase arrangement without a plastic vase liner. We think the flower stems are really pretty to look at, and you can see straight away when your flowers need a top up of the old H2O!

Ask for a paper wrap instead of cellophane. Or, even better, no wrap at all if you are picking up a vase arrangement and travelling locally.

Want another arrangement done? Save your vases and reuse them. We will happily arrange straight into your own clean vase. Just bring it in! 

And if you've just received a gift-wrapped plant, vase arrangement, hand-tied bouquet, or giftware from our store, well here’s what to do with the packaging:

  • Save stuffing, brown paper, tissue, ribbon, paper bags and boxes, and cellophane for future packing materials, wrapping other gifts, or crafts with the kids
  • Reuse card holders as plant markers, and twine and floral wire for personal gardening

Here’s a little reminder in chart form of how to properly dispose of everything: 



Blue Bin (Recycling)

Black Bin (Garbage)

Green Bin (Organic)

Regular Cardboard Box

Oasis Midnight Floral Foam Block∗

Cut Flowers

Regular Tissue Paper

Waxed Cardboard Box

Dried Flowers

Paper Bags

Waxed Tissue Paper

Twigs, branching, seed pods

Plastic Bag


Kraft Paper


Coloured Plastic Grower Pots (Clean & Rinsed)


Elastic Band

Plastic Card Holder

Floral Wiring

Floral Twine


Black Grower Pots

Water Tubes

Artificial Flowers

Vase Liner

Oleander Logo Sticker

Flower Food Packet


∗The floral foam we use at Oleander is equipped with Maxlife technology for enhanced biodegradability. This product is ASTM D5511 certified biodegradable within 567 days of disposal. This is not true for all floral foam.

The information provided above is in relation to Toronto waste. Be sure to check your local garbage disposal rules and requirements if you are outside of the city.




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