Hydrangea - Is It a Love/Hate Thang?

Hydrangea - Is It a Love/Hate Thang?

Hydrangeas are one of the most popular cut flowers that we design with in the shop, and there’s nothing like a mass of them to create a dramatic effect. However, they do sometimes get a bad rep’. 

Well known for their fluffy marshmallow-like appearance and striking look when arranged en masse, hydrangea’s large and beautiful blooms can sometimes elicit a love/hate response from customers. It seems people are either in one camp or the other. On the one hand, hydrangea reminds us of a stunning country garden and has a classically elegant look. On the other, however, they are known for having a darker side. If you’ve ever experienced the hydrangea shrivel, you’ll know what we mean! They can be temperamental and have a short life span if not cared for correctly. Properly treated though, these large beautiful blooms can provide softness, texture and volume to an arrangement whilst also being reliable and long lasting.

Read on for our tips on getting the best out of your hydrangea blooms:

These classic fleurs are big drinkers and are very particular when it comes to the cleanliness of their containers. A dirty vase is the ultimate kiss of death for a hydrangea so be sure to use one that’s sparkling clean. Give your hydrangea a fresh cut, diagonally down the stem, to increase the surface area for water uptake as much as possible. Put the flowers into luke-warm water immediately and make sure you keep the water topped up - check it daily, and change it every few days.

Hydrangeas have woody stems that need to be cut in order for them to ‘drink’ water.

Receiving your flowers in a water tube or foam block does not mean that you don’t have to recut the stems. 

Generally speaking, hydrangeas prefer a cooler environment, away from drafts and heat sources. They also do not like to be placed in direct bright sunlight.

If your hydrangea looks limp and is starting to wilt, you can mist them with water or even submerge the bloom heads in water. Hydrangea are the only cut flower to drink through their blooms. 

Hydrangeas come in a variety of colours from cream to pale pink to blue, and interestingly, the colour of hydrangea depends on the acidity in which the plant grows. 

Whilst undoubtedly delicate and perishable, you should be able to enjoy your hydrangea for at least a few days if taken care of properly. 

We think you should definitely give these big beauties a chance!

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