How to Take Care of Flowers in the Winter

How to Take Care of Flowers in the Winter

Happy New Year! After all the holiday celebrations, the long, dark and cold days of January can feel a bit dull. So what could be better than brightening up your space, and your mood, with a gorgeous arrangement of beautiful blooms from Oleander?

Proven to boost mood and wellbeing, who doesn’t want to be surrounded by fresh plants and flowers? And, of course we want them to last as long as possible in our homes. Read on for our top tips for how to care for your cut flowers during the winter time:


  • Keep cut flowers away from heat sources like radiators or fires - flowers generally prefer a cooler environment away from a direct heat source
  • Water often - check water levels daily and top up with fresh water when necessary. Flowers can drink significantly more than usual when they’re in a warm environment with heating on
  • Whilst cut flowers do better in cooler temperatures, be sure to keep away from drafts and extreme cold - flowers look great on a window sill and in a hallway near a door, but if that window or door is drafty or open during really cold spells, your arrangement is not going to like being exposed to the elements one bit
  • Trim stems regularly and remove any that have wilted or died. This will ensure remaining stems are able to hydrate properly and wilted stems won’t contaminate the water or spoil the aesthetic of the design

Is it time to treat yourself or someone you love to a splash of freshness and colour? Head over to our Flowers and Plants sections where you can shop our seasonal collections and place an order for pickup or delivery within the GTA. 




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