How to Choose the Right Get-Well Soon Flowers

How to Choose the Right Get-Well Soon Flowers


Being sick sucks, right? So you want to send some well-wishes and good cheer via a gorgeous bouquet of flowers. But wait! There’s more to it than just ordering any old bouquet. Let us guide you through the process so your loved one receives the best ever gift, and you look like the superstar you are in the process!


Brightening smiles and encouraging a healthy recovery, studies have shown that flowers have the ability to lift spirits and positively impact the well-being of those in their vicinity, so sending fresh blooms or a green plant is the perfect get-well-soon gift! 


Read on for our top tips:


  • Choose long-lasting and low-maintenance flowers - the recipient wants to enjoy their gift for as long as possible, especially if they’re stuck indoors!
  • Consider the recipient’s strength and mobility - a vase arrangement (that they can simply unwrap and place), rather than a bouquet, might be more appropriate if they are less mobile right now.
  • Consider scent - strong smelling blooms, such as lilies, might be off putting for someone who is in recovery or feeling unwell.
  • Choose flowers that are designed in low and full containers - these are perfect for a coffee table or a bedside so they can be enjoyed to the full, even if the recipient is bed-bound!
  • Choose flowers that are bright and colourful - someone who is sick wants something happy and joyful to look at.


Wanting to send flowers to the hospital? Follow these tips to make sure your blooms get where they’re supposed to be going:


  • Check that the hospital will actually accept flowers on behalf of a patient - not all do! Give the hospital a call or ask ward staff before ordering your gift.
  • Double check the room and ward number, and floor or department before placing an order so your flowers get to the right patient (hospitals are big places!)
  • Find out when the patient is being discharged, otherwise you run the risk of incurring extra delivery charges or the recipient not receiving their flowers at all.
  • Consider size and type of arrangement - bedside space in a hospital is very limited and they do not have spare vases or the facilities for cutting and arranging hand-tied bouquets.


Looking for a beautiful arrangement to send to someone not feeling their best? Order here for pickup or delivery within the GTA.

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