How To Care For Your Cut Flowers

How To Care For Your Cut Flowers

If you won’t drink out of your vase, neither will your flowers, so start with a vase that is sparkling clean.

Fill your vase with warm water and flower preservative then give all the flower stems a fresh cut with sharp scissors or gardening clippers.

Flowers will last longer with frequent water changes. We recommend that you change the water every 2 to 3 days. Be sure to keep your flowers away from extreme cold or heat and out of direct sunlight.

We are asked time and again by customers about lily pollen and what can be done to avoid having it stain clothing or household items. Here is our tip: remove the anthers (the pollen-bearing oval tips inside the flower) early on, before the lily has fully opened.

Casablanca, Stargazer and the ever-so-lovely Asiatic lilies will also last longer if the anthers are removed as they open. Flower pollen will eat away the delicate petals, leading to a shorter life of your blooms. To ensure that your lilies remain fresh for an extended period of time, carefully pluck the pollen from each of these stamens, taking care not to allow the pollen to touch the petals or your clothes. Sticky tape can be effective at lifting pollen from carpets or clothing.

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