How Taking Photos of Your Flowers Can Ruin the Customer Experience

How Taking Photos of Your Flowers Can Ruin the Customer Experience


A few weeks ago we received a comment from a customer expressing their disappointment following a photograph they were sent of flowers they had gifted to a loved one. Whilst our number one priority is and always will be customer satisfaction, we want to explain a little bit about why a quick iPhone snap of an arrangement will never do it justice and can even spoil the whole flower-giving experience.

First of all, bear in mind that real life is three-dimensional, and so are real flower arrangements. Arrangements may appear to be smaller in reality when compared to the two-dimensional photos on our website. Pictures on the website are taken by a photographer, and with a professional camera. A traditional camera has a much larger sensor, in comparison to a smartphone, and the larger the sensor, the bigger the surface area available to capture light on, and thus the better quality of image. In comparison, photos taken indoors at home, under standard household lamps, can make the colours look off, or too dark, and the image can appear blurred or distorted. Camera distortion also warps proportions. Ever taken a less-than-flattering selfie?

Also consider that photos on a website are angled and cropped to focus entirely on the arrangement. When you take a photo in your home, the image may be cluttered with whatever else is in the background. This creates a distraction and can distort or affect the sense of scale, often resulting in a misrepresentation of the arrangement.

Another point to remember is that website images usually show fully bloomed flowers. Often we will send an arrangement with flowers budding or just starting to bloom so that the recipient is able to enjoy the blooming process for the longest period possible. This can make the arrangement appear to be smaller or less “full” at first.

Sometimes, recipients decide to split their flowers and arrange them into several vases. This often happens when a large hand-tied bouquet is sent. Oleander’s arrangements are designed to be displayed as a “whole”, and therefore, once split or rearranged, will look completely different to the website image or originally intended design. If you are considering sending a large arrangement, we suggest ordering flowers designed directly into a vase.

As florists, we’re always striving to bring a space ‘to life’ with flowers. The luxuriousness, and therefore one’s enjoyment of a floral arrangement lies in the fine details - the vibrancy of colour, variety of texture, and subtle scents that an arrangement provides. These elements are so incredibly difficult to capture by photograph, and to try and do so will often leave one disappointed. Our advice? Ditch the dodgy pics and leave the flower photography to the professionals. Send a good old-fashioned thank you note instead (we have some beautiful note cards in store right now!)

We at Oleander pride ourselves on delivering excellent value for money. Together with our unique design skills, superior product, and exceptional customer service, we want to make sure all our customers are happy. If, for any reason, there is a concern with your order, please don’t hesitate to contact us at the shop. Floral orders can be placed here for pickup or delivery within the GTA.

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