Go Green? Not Necessarily! Why Greenery Isn’t Always the Cheapest Option

Go Green? Not Necessarily! Why Greenery Isn’t Always the Cheapest Option

 Greenery in floral design is simple and elegant and has been trending for several years now. We love using greenery here at Oleander, but one of the misconceptions we often encounter from customers, particularly when choosing event flowers, is that greenery will be a cheaper option. Many clients believe that choosing all, or a lot of greenery in their designs means the cost will be less. We’re here to explain why this is not necessarily the case. 

Prices for flowers and foliage are set by the market. When something becomes more popular, supply and demand dictates that price increases. Over the last few years, as more garden style designs have gained popularity, greenery prices have significantly increased. Certain types of foliage, eucalyptus and ruscus, for example, can cost way more than others, and depending on how and what type of greenery is used in a design, it may not be the least expensive option. For example, a garland looks beautiful along a table but requires a lot more product than a traditional floral centerpiece.

Many customers come into Oleander with inspiration photos that have elaborate greenery designs which are absolutely stunning, but then they are surprised when they find out how much it will cost to actually bring that look to life. Pinterest has a lot to answer for!

The other main factor, aside from the product, that goes into the cost of any arrangement or event, is of course the labour. Often, greenery requires more labour to install than some fresh flower designs. With weddings, for example, greenery elements sometimes have to be built on site and within a very limited amount of time. They also must be taken down at the end of the event, which results in higher labour costs than a floral centerpiece, for example, which can be made in advance, delivered, and placed on tables with relative ease, and then is taken home by the couple or guests at the end of the night.

There are some less expensive ways to incorporate greenery into your designs though. A few carefully placed branches can look incredibly elegant down the centre of a table, and a touch of the right greenery in an arrangement can really make the flowers sing. There are also some less costly varieties of greenery, such as some types of fern, but these don’t always have the right texture or shape, or the ability to withstand the environment. 

 The main way to keep costs down, however, is to be open to ideas! At Oleander, we’ll always be honest about what we can do within your budget and will suggest alternatives if necessary. We also love to use local, seasonal greenery, and will only ever use the highest quality product. 

 The bottom line? Greenery is gorgeous, but not always the least expensive option. Looking for wedding or event flowers? Give us a call on 416 236 8273 and we’ll be happy to discuss your requirements.

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