Flowers - Not Just a Pretty Face

Flowers - Not Just a Pretty Face

 Obviously, being a flower shop, we love all things floral here at Oleander. But, did you know that flowers have so many more practical uses than just the aesthetic kind?

We love creating gorgeous arrangements for our clients in the shop because we know that our designs will make people happy and enrich the space they’re placed in. Flowers can do a lot more though!

For centuries, flowers have been used as multi-purpose practical tools. Read on below to find out more:   

  • Tea - chamomile and jasmine are probably the most popular flowers used to make tea but there are many others too. Teas made from flowers are said to have many health benefits, and they also taste delicious!
  • Food - many flowers are edible, and can make a beautiful addition to salads, baked goods and other meals. Think lavender flowers in cookies, and squash and dandelion flowers deep fried and served with a tasty dip.
  • Beauty - flowers have been a key ingredient in soaps, creams and lotions for many years as they can cleanse, hydrate and soothe the skin. Rose water, lavender and chamomile are all really popular choices for use in skincare products.
  • Medicine - around half the modern medicines we use today are made up of ingredients derived from plants and flowers. For centuries the magical healing properties of plants have been used to treat a variety of ailments.
  • Dyes - many of the first dyes originated from flowers. Yarrow, calendula and saffron are flowers that produce a yellow dye and Isatis tinctoria produces an indigo dye known as woad.
  • Clothing - whilst flowers have been worn as hair accessories across different cultures for decades, materials used to make clothes, such as linen and cotton come from flowering plants.

We think it’s safe to say that whatever you use flowers for, they are multifaceted and amazing, not to mention extremely beautiful! For all your flower needs we’ve got you covered - shop here.


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