Fall in Love With Cyclamen

Fall in Love With Cyclamen


Synonymous with the winter months and the holidays, the petite but pretty cyclamen is a favourite here at the store.

The sweet-scented blooms that stretch up to the sky come in a variety of bright colours such as pink, purple, red and white and really do brighten up any space they’re placed in. Heart-shaped leaves streaked with delicate silver threads just add to the charm of these beautiful houseplants.

Inexpensive and easy to care for, the cyclamen is a great plant to give as a seasonal gift, or as a little treat for yourself! Here’s our guide on how to look after them this holiday season:


  • Cyclamen likes bright, indirect light in the winter. 
  • Avoid overwatering - water whenever the soil feels dry an inch below its surface. Keep water away from the leaves as this can cause them to rot. A good tip for watering cyclamen is to put the growers pot (with holes in the bottom) on a tray of water and let the plant soak up what it needs from its roots.
  • Cyclamen plants don't like extreme heat, drafts, or dry air but prefer a humid environment. Achieve this by keeping the plant on top of a tray of water and pebbles (making sure the pot isn’t continuously touching the water)
  • Extend the blooming period by pulling off any dried leaves or flower heads.

Cyclamen is toxic to both humans and animals so be sure to keep away from young children and pets!

Stop by the store to say “hi” and pick up your cyclamen! Looking for something different? Head over to our Plants page to peruse our current stock and place an order for pickup or delivery within the GTA.

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