Fabulous Ferns!

Fabulous Ferns!

Delicate and graceful, ferns come in a variety of shapes and sizes and add texture and interest to any home. With their unique leaf structure and pretty patterns, these plants can be particular when it comes to their environment. Sensitive to water and temperature, ferns need the right conditions to thrive. It’s worth taking the time to care for these lovely plants however, because the rewards far outweigh the investment; you’ll get luscious greenery that not only purifies your air but also makes any space look fresh and clean too!

Ferns are a large family of over 10,000 species of plant that reproduce via spores. They have neither seeds nor flowers, but their leaf patterns are some of the most beautiful in the house-plant world. Although spread across the globe, the greatest distribution and diversity of ferns occurs in tropical rainforests. New Zealand, for which the fern is a symbol, has about 230 species, spread across the country.

These ancient plants tolerate the low to bright indirect light that most of us have in our homes. They come in a range of sizes, from tiny, fairy-garden size, right up to larger plants suitable for hanging baskets. So, regardless of your living accommodations, there’s a fern out there to suit every space. Green also isn’t your only colour option with ferns. Many have new growth that ranges from pink to brown, some have blue fronds, and some have beautiful variegation, so there definitely is something for everyone.

Ferns thrive in humid spaces, so that makes them ideal plants for a bathroom or a window sill in the kitchen. This love of high humidity means that occasional misting with warm water might be necessary during the winter months when the heat is turned on and the air is drier. Most ferns tolerate an air temperature of around 20-22°C, which also happens to be what most of us are comfortable with too! 

Indoor ferns require a lot of moisture, so be sure to water regularly and before the soil completely dries out. You do need to be careful not to over water though; they do not like to be soggy! 

Here’s a little taste of some of the most popular ferns we stock at the store:


Crispy Wave Fern

These plants are very hardy and will last a long time if cared for properly. Purifying the air, these wavy wonders can grow to be quite big when transplanted into larger containers. The soil should not be left to dry out completely but neither should they be overwatered, and definitely do not leave the plant sitting in water. An east or north-facing window would be the ideal spot for these beauties. Take care not to place them in direct sunlight as this can scorch their leaves. These plants also do not like drafts.


Maidenhair Fern

These delicate plants have a lace-like appearance and can be quite picky when it comes to their environment. They thrive on moisture and prefer a humid spot, which can sometimes be difficult to maintain in our dry home environments. Preferring indirect light, this plant’s leaves can burn very easily if exposed to harsh or direct sunlight. Maidenhair ferns prefer moist but well-drained soil. Consider using moss to encourage moisture retention and water this fern regularly to avoid the soil drying out. You can also mist the plant with warm water on a regular basis too. Again, do not place this fern anywhere near a draft or cold spot. They like to be warm and cosy. 


Silver Lace Fern 

One of the more common indoor ferns, this pretty plant is easily recognized by its bold white variegation that radiates outwards towards the green edges of the leaves. These ferns work really well in terrariums, where you can use small pebbles at the base of the plant to enhance the humidity. When watering, wait until the surface of the soil feels dry and then be generous using room temperature water. Silver Lace ferns thrive in medium to bright indirect light and can handle temperatures up to 24°C.

So, if you’re looking for a gift that grows, or you just want to freshen up your home, our ferns are a great addition to any space. Visit us at oleander.ca or give us a call on (416) 236 8273 to see what we have availab

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