Embracing the Beauty of Fall in Our Flower Arrangements

Embracing the Beauty of Fall in Our Flower Arrangements


As the more vibrant colours of summer have faded and the crisp air of autumn sweeps in, we’ve refreshed our surroundings with the warm and inviting hues of the new season. Fall brings a stunning palette of colours, from rich burgundies and deep oranges to earthy greens and golden yellows, and you can be sure here at Oleander we’re full-on embracing these tones in your flower arrangements! 

Burgundy is a quintessential fall colour that exudes sophistication and warmth. Our burgundy blooms come in the form of colour-rich flowers such as dahlias, ranunculus, and chrysanthemums and add a touch of elegance to any arrangement. We’re pairing these deep hues with soft blush pinks and warm oranges to create a romantic look.

Terracotta and rust are colours that bring a sense of earthiness to floral arrangements. Combined with creamy neutrals like ivory and beige, and textured elements such as branching and seed pods, these fall colours add a rustic touch and create warm tones that evoke the cozy feeling of autumn evenings by the fireplace.

Golden yellow is a cheerful and contemporary fall colour which embodies the beauty of autumn leaves. Sunflowers are the perfect choice for infusing a touch of brightness into an arrangement and they perfectly capture the happy glow of fall. 

While blue may not be the first colour that comes to mind for fall, this cool shade can add a pretty twist to your flower arrangements. Flowers such as blue hydrangeas and delphiniums, when balanced with warmer accent colours such as peach and copper, produce a beautiful and unique fall arrangement. 

All of our designers are busy creating stunning autumn-inspired floral arrangements that celebrate the beauty of the season. In need of some blooms to bring the essence of autumn into your space? Looking for flowers for your Thanksgiving celebration? Wanting to transform your home into a cozy autumn haven? Look no further! Check out our Autumn Collection and place your order online for pickup or delivery within the GTA.

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