Delphinum - July's Flower

Delphinum - July's Flower

July is the month of the Delphinium. These beautiful blooms summon images of a summer country garden. Famous for their brilliant, bright blue and purple hues, and sky-scraper heights, delphs can grow to around 6 feet tall. Impressive!

Delphiniums are native to the Northern hemisphere, and predominantly grow in the mountainous African tropics, where they thrive in the cold and moist climate. Their name comes from the Greek word “delphis,” which means dolphin and refers to the dolphin-like shape of the flower. 

With their dazzling colour and towering height, delphiniums make a great addition to any arrangement. These lively blooms elicit feelings of fun and happiness. Read on to find out a few more interesting facts about them:


  • There are over 400 types of delphinium species and they come from the ranunculaceae family, which is the same family as buttercups.
  • Delphinium sap can be mixed with the chemical, alum, to make blue ink, and this dye was commonly used by Indeginous Americans and European settlers.
  • In ancient times, delphinium was used to repel scorpions, lice, and other parasites. It was also believed to protect against lightning, eye diseases, and witches.
  • Delphinium plants and seeds are toxic to both humans and animals and, if consumed, can lead to severe illness and even death. Keep them away from children and pets!
  • The inner two to four petals of the flower are called the 'bee'.
  • Delphiniums need a lot of water - so keep that vase topped right up!

Evoking feelings of warmth and fun, delphiniums are available in only a few different colour hues. And, as with other flowers, each colour is said to be linked to a different meaning. The blue shade conveys dignity, while white is suggests innocence and purity, and pink and light blue are said to symbolize youth and new beginnings.

So, if you know someone who has a birthday in July, or who needs a little cheering up, send them some beautiful flowers and make sure to include the delightful delphinium! Give us a call on (416) 236 8273 or visit our website.

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