Choosing Wedding Flowers: Essential Questions to Ask Your Florist

Choosing Wedding Flowers: Essential Questions to Ask Your Florist

We’ve planned and designed hundreds of wedding flowers over the years here at Oleander, and trust us when we say that planning a wedding involves countless details, and choosing the right flowers is one of the most crucial. Flowers set the tone for the entire event, and they enhance the beauty and ambiance of the day. To ensure you get the perfect blooms, it's important to have a detailed discussion with your florist. Here are some key questions to ask when ordering wedding flowers.

1. What Flowers Are in Season for My Wedding Date?

Seasonal flowers are not only more affordable but also fresher and more vibrant. Asking about the seasonality of flowers can help you choose the best blooms available during your wedding month. For example, peonies are gorgeous but are typically only in season during late spring to early summer.

2. Can You Work Within My Budget?

Weddings can be expensive, and it's important to stay within your budget. Be upfront about your floral budget and ask your florist how they can work within it. They can suggest more affordable alternatives to expensive blooms and advise on how to maximize the impact of your arrangements without breaking the bank.

3. What Design Styles Do You Specialize In?

Every florist has their own style and expertise. Whether you’re dreaming of a rustic, elegant, or modern look, it’s important to ensure your florist can deliver the style you envision. Take a look at the florist’s website or ask to see pictures of previous arrangements to get an idea of their style.

4. How Do You Handle Delivery and Setup?

Understanding the logistics is crucial to avoid any last-minute stress on your wedding day. Inquire about how your florist handles delivery and setup. Will they deliver the flowers directly to your venue? How early will they arrive to set everything up? Clear communication about these details can ensure everything runs smoothly.

5. Do You Offer Rental Items?

Many florists offer rental items such as vases, arches, and other decorative elements. Renting these items can be more cost-effective than purchasing them. Ask your florist what rental options are available to enhance your floral decor.

 6. What Happens to the Flowers After the Wedding?

Some couples choose to donate their flowers, whilst others prefer to gift them to guests or take them home. Make sure your florist knows your preferences for this.

 7. Can You Coordinate With My Wedding Planner and Venue?

Coordination is key to a seamless wedding day. Ask if your florist is willing to work directly with your wedding planner and venue to ensure all details are aligned.

 Here at Oleander, we’re dedicated to making your wedding day as beautiful and stress-free as possible. We’ve created wedding flowers for the smallest to the very largest of events, so we know exactly how to support our customers through this exciting time. We offer both a signature service, just perfect for smaller or budget-conscious events, and fully customized work with a minimum spend of $4000. Regardless of your wedding needs, all pieces will be thoughtfully created just for you! Contact us today to start planning the flowers for your dream wedding!

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