Boo-tiful Blooms

Boo-tiful Blooms

It’s that time of year again. The time when black cats prowl, jack-o’-lanterns glow in the moonlight, and the kids go stark raving mad for candy! Yes, it’s nearly Halloween!

Celebrated for centuries, Halloween traditions include trick-or-treating, pumpkin carving, dressing up, and of course, decorating the home with all things grim and gruesome. And, as with any celebration, flowers can help set the desired mood and tone. So, in the spirit (ahem), of all things spooky, here’s a few of our favourite bone-chilling blooms that would make eerily beautiful additions to your Halloween décor.

The first thing to say is that flowers are absolutely gorgeous at the end of October, and so anything in season will work with your plans. Sometimes, though, it’s nice to go beyond the traditional black and orange tones that we usually associate with Halloween and change it up a little. That’s not to say that the colour orange won’t work, but it really depends on the look you’re aiming for. This time of year also provides a plethora of inspiration with different shapes, sizes and colours of pumpkins, gourds and branching, so think about mixing different textures for greater visual interest. For floral arrangements, dark and moody tones play into the spookiness of the season perfectly, and natural, earthy elements can add to the creepiness, while white and cream bring a spectral component. Here are some of our favourite florals sure to up the ante on fright night:


  • Roses - for that elegantly gothic, hauntingly beautiful effect.
  • Spider mums - a type of chrysanthemum, have long spindly petals that stretch out like spiders’ legs. They come in a variety of colours, but for this occasion, we like the ghostly white.
  • Sunflowers - on their own, not spooky at all. But at the end of October, when added to a bouquet or arrangement, their burnt yellow and orange hues can look really special. 
  • Scabiosa - also known as pincushion flowers, have a ball-shaped head and are actually part of the honeysuckle family. These flowers are really beautiful, plus the name totally fits with the theme!
  • Amaranthus - amaranthus caudatus also goes by the name love-lies-bleeding, and its drooping, velvety, tentacle-like tassels in rich, blood-red tones make this plant perfect for spooky celebrations.
  • Bittersweet - long despised by gardeners as it often kills trees and is difficult to eradicate, is stunningly beautiful during the fall season when the deep yellow skin of the berries bursts to reveal a bright orange hue.
  • Lotus pods - trigger your trypophobia with these goodies. A fear of closely packed holes, as seen in dried lotus pods, is said to be an instinctive association with potentially poisonous or dangerous threats in the wild. What could be more appropriate for Halloween?

So whether you’re looking to up your Halloween décor game this year with centrepiece arrangements fit for the afterlife, or you just want to treat yourself or a loved one to a little spooky something, we can help! Give us a call on 416 236 8273 or come and see us in the shop! Happy Haunting!

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