Aster - The Flower of September

With the end of long hot summer days, comes the gentler warmth of September. Synonymous with new starts and the beginning of fall, this month gives us a glimpse of the anticipated autumnal colours and cosy knits soon to arrive. After the flexibleness of carefree summer days, September brings a return to routine and the opportunity for a fresh start. When summer flowers fade and the days grow shorter, the aster takes centre stage.

Blooming anywhere from late summer to late fall, asters can be seen in most regions across Canada, and are commonly spotted growing in woodlands, by the side of the road, and in fields. These pretty flowers are also really helpful for wildlife, being an important food source for butterflies, moths and bees during the fall season after summer flowers are no more.

Because of their shape, asters were named after the Ancient Greek word for “star”. As with all flowers, asters have an interesting story to tell. The Ancient Greeks burnt the leaves of the aster plants, believing that the smoke would ward off evil spirits. Legend has it that when Jupiter flooded the earth to punish mankind, the goddess Astraea was turned into a star. The story goes that she was so distraught at the devastation, that her falling tears became stardust and created aster flowers where they landed. 

Aster plants have been used for decades by different cultures around the world to make herbal medicines and remedies in order to treat a variety of ailments. The aster flower is also traditionally associated with 20th wedding anniversary celebrations. Whilst aster flowers are known for representing love, wisdom, faith and innocence, they are an appropriate flower to gift for any occasion. Long-lasting but delicate, this dainty bloom works perfectly in vase arrangements and comes in a range of colours, with the most popular being pink, red, white and lilac, and we love all of them! Place your order here or give us a call on (416) 236 8273.


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