A Guide to Ordering Sympathy Flowers

A Guide to Ordering Sympathy Flowers

Buying funeral flowers can be a stressful and daunting task for both the family hosting the funeral and the guests wishing to express their condolences. If you’ve never purchased funeral flowers before, you might feel overwhelmed by the choices when it comes to arrangement type and the different kinds of displays. We’re here to help during this difficult time with our guide below:

The most popular types of arrangements that customers order for funerals are:

Casket Sprays - arrangements that are placed directly on the casket. Casket sprays can be designed to sit on top of the casket when it is either open or once it has been closed. These arrangements are almost always purchased by immediate family members and are not generally an appropriate purchase for others. They are usually larger arrangements and are meant to be viewed on top of the casket.

Standing Sprays - ranging in size from small to large, these are funeral flower arrangements that are attached to a stand or easel. They’re usually placed next to the casket. Sprays are typically sent directly to the funeral home for use during the funeral service.

Vase Arrangements - these smaller arrangements are appropriate for family members, friends, and co-workers to send directly to the family’s home unless otherwise instructed. 

Traditionally common funeral flowers include lilies, chrysanthemums, roses, orchids, and carnations but it’s less common to send specific flowers nowadays. Sometimes a family will request arrangements featuring a favourite flower of the deceased or an arrangement in the deceased’s favourite colour palette. 

Despite being a flower shop, we always recommended that you respect the family’s wishes if they’ve explicitly asked for no flowers, or have mentioned that they’d like another show of condolence in lieu of flowers, for example, a donation to charity. It is also important to note that some religions and cultures consider sending flowers as an inappropriate gesture so be sure to check first with the family if you’re unsure.

Looking for an alternative to sending flowers? Many of our customers choose to gift plants. Peace lilies and orchids are a popular choice and a beautiful way to convey your sentiments.

We understand every situation is different and should you want something specific, please contact us directly to discuss an appropriate flower option for the home or funeral service. You can order online here or give us a call on 416 236 8273 to discuss your requirements.


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