10 Bath and Beauty Essentials to Pamper Yourself With This Summer

10 Bath and Beauty Essentials to Pamper Yourself With This Summer


With the summer season in full swing, most people are on the ball now with applying sunscreen and making sure they’re drinking enough water, but we’ll bet there’s room for improvement when it comes to looking after your skin on these hot and sticky days! 

Upgrade your face and body care products and stay fresh and clean with our specially curated list of beauty essentials from two of our favourite suppliers, Sealuxe Organics and K’Pure Naturals.

Sealuxe, a beauty company based in British Columbia, is inspired by the wild wisdom of the sea. They blend, stir, sift and pour healthy ingredients infused with the Pacific ocean’s unique and natural elements into all of their products. Here are our favourites:

Sealuxe Reusable Makeup Remover Pads Add some sustainability to your beauty regime with this set of reusable makeup remover pads. 

Sealuxe Bath Teas A loose leaf tea for your tub! A blend of sea salt and pink Himalayan salt helps alleviate aches, tired muscles, and sore joints. The ultimate at-home-spa experience. 

Sealuxe Bath Salts Bring the spa to your home with Sealuxe's luxurious bath salts! Packaged in a gorgeous, re-usable glass jar with a lovely cork stopper, these salts make a great gift! 

Sealuxe Body Oils Blended with apricot oil and infused with bladderwrack seaweed, providing nourishment and hydration to your skin, these oils are available in a Driftwood or Rose scent. Use for a massage or simply as a luxury moisturizer. 

Sealuxe Lemon and Lavender Bubblebath A deliciously light and fruity blend that will be sure to give you the best bubbly experience.

Another BC-based company, K'Pure Naturals focuses on making simple yet effective bath and beauty products using all natural and organic ingredients. All products are hand-made and cruelty-free. And here’s what we’re in love with:

K'Pure Clean Slate Cleansing Oil This non-toxic oil cleanser has a fresh and uplifting scent and will cleanse without stripping skin of precious moisture and hydration, while gently removing even waterproof mascara. 

K’Pure Drenched Body Butter Whipped, light and luxurious, this body butter replenishes dried and cracked skin ASAP without leaving it feeling greasy. 

Hyaluronic Acid Sheet Mask A biodegradable sheet mask, infused with a super hydrating serum. Made with organic and natural ingredients, this mask is great for all skin types.

K'Pure Get Closer All Natural Deodorant Moisturizing, deodorizing and wetness absorbing. Yes, you're going to apply it with your fingers, and touch your armpits. You're also going to waste less, use less, and enjoy the natural benefits and protection.

K'Pure Fresh Shower Gel Our favourite all-natural uplifting and sudsing start, or end, to a long hot day! 

Shop our full range of bath and beauty products here.

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