Tealish - Beautea Collection

Tealish - Beautea Collection

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Located in Roncesvalles, Tealish is a Toronto favourite! Each tea has been carefully crafted using a fine selection of herbs and botanicals that will make you feel beautiful from the inside out. Packages contain 15 biodegradable tea bags.

AM Detox - Green Tea - dandelion, burdock, orange

PM Detox - Herbal Tea - mix of mint, ginger, cinnamon

Chill Out - Herbal - passion flower, tulsi, lemon balm 

Spa Day - Herbal - lemongrass, licorice, peppermint, linden flower

Fountain of Youth - White Tea - hibiscus, turmeric, rose hip

Beautea Sleep - Herbal Tea - valerian, chamomile, passion flower, cherry, lemon, lavender

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