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Citrus Tree
Oleander Floral Design

Citrus Tree

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Look no further, we've got your daily dose of vitamin C right here. 2020's most popular plant is back this year as an official part of our festive offerings! Welcome, Citrus Tree!

We'll pot an Alberta Spruce in a bubbly, copper ceramic pot, and don its branches with dried orange slices and lavender sprigs. The design is topped off with white clay orbs at the base.

Alberta Spruce can live inside over the winter. They require a bright sunny spot, preferably one with a few hours if direct sun, and a thorough watering regularly. Depending on your space and how much light it receives, watering may be required every 4-6 days. Do not let the soil dry completely, nor allow the roots to sit in excessively soggy soil. Come the spring the tree may be planted outside if desired.

Do not consume the orange slices.

Design stands about 14" tall.

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