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Crazy Flower Times - Part 2, Orchidelirium

  For our second installment in our 3-part “Crazy Flower Times” series, we’re going to introduce you to the period of time referred to as “Orchidelirium”. Orchidelirium, also called “orchid fever”,  tells of a mania that swept through England during the 19th century.    To the Victorians, orchids symbolized the mystery and adventure of far-away lands. These elegant organisms, with their glamorous flowers, were largely unknown when they first appeared in Victorian society, but they soon became incredibly popular and symbolized status and wealth, two things the Victorians valued above all else!    Explorers were dispatched to almost every part of the globe in a desperate attempt to find new varieties of these strange and beautiful plants. The obsession with...

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Crazy Flower Times - Part 1, Tulip Mania

We think everyone would agree, we are definitely living through a strange period in time at the moment! We’re all adjusting to a new normal, and some things probably won’t ever be the same again. Throughout history, there have been periods of time when things have just been, well, a bit crazy! And this got us thinking if this was also true for flowers. As with anything, flowers over time have gone in and out of trends, and there have been some pretty strange flower-related obsessions over the years. So, we thought we would bring you a 3-part series explaining some of the more unusual flower periods the history books have seen. And you never know, it might just make...

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Fabulous Ferns!

Delicate and graceful, ferns come in a variety of shapes and sizes and add texture and interest to any home. With their unique leaf structure and pretty patterns, these plants can be particular when it comes to their environment. Sensitive to water and temperature, ferns need the right conditions to thrive. It’s worth taking the time to care for these lovely plants however, because the rewards far outweigh the investment; you’ll get luscious greenery that not only purifies your air but also makes any space look fresh and clean too! Ferns are a large family of over 10,000 species of plant that reproduce via spores. They have neither seeds nor flowers, but their leaf patterns are some of the most...

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  “Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see the shadows. It's what the sunflowers do.” - Helen Keller  With their bright yellow petals, and tall strong stems, sunflowers conjure up images of hot lazy days in the summertime. Usually blooming from the middle of summer through to early autumn - roughly July to September, these cheery blooms come in a range of different sizes and shades. Their round flower heads look like the sun and are an instant mood-boost and these heat and drought-tolerant plants make them relatively easy to grow. Read on to find out a few more interesting facts about the stunning sunflower.  Originating in the Americas, sunflowers were grown as a crop by indigenous...

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 Sharing the limelight with Gladiolus this month, is the other birth flower for August, the delectable dahlia. Dahlia flowers come in a variety of colours, shapes and sizes and are beautiful and striking in their appearance. The colour range varies from white to a really dark burgundy, and they can even be found in black, although this is rare. Most of the black dahlias we see in gardens are actually more a dark burgundy than black. The generous flowering of this plant lasts all summer long, with dahlias usually blooming from June through to October.  Dahlias belong to the Asteraceae family, and are related to sunflowers, chrysanthemums, zinnia, and the daisy. There are around 42 species, and they originate from...

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